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With a remarkable 15-year presence in the interior industry, FABDIZ Design Studio stands as the driving force behind FabCuro. Fabcuro, the premier Home Decor Store in Indiranagar, sets a tone of opulence from the get-go with a never-seen-before amalgamation of exclusive designer furniture, exquisite figurines, rare artifacts, and stunning wall décor. Our mission is to make our customers feel truly special while ensuring their spaces stand out in unique and remarkable ways.



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Let’s tour your style!

Come take a stroll through our Home Decor Store in Indiranagar—a museum-inspired design and aisles decked with luxurious, globally curated decor. Fabcuro Home Decor Store in Indiranagar brings in the vibe of a well-traveled, cosmopolitan connoisseur who’s roamed the continents, infusing that premium lifestyle flair—think exquisite taste, top-notch quality, and unrivaled craftsmanship. Shop for Home Decor in Indiranagar and  fall in love with every details of your home.                            




Fabcuro Home Decor Items - Available Instore & Online

Home is where your heart finds its voice, reflecting your essence in every detail. Beyond walls, it’s an emotional canvas where memories thrive. Amidst life’s chaos, it stands as a sanctuary, embracing you with open arms. From the subtle elegance of a minimal vase to the storied charm of an antique piece your home decor items are chapters of your journey. And in the weariness of the day, the sofa becomes a respite.
A house is mere structure; a home, your creation. Let your space breathe with home decor items that echoes your soul,  a regal gold mirror frame or a study table that speaks of diligence. Shop for home decor in Indiranagar and let it narrate your design story. Each home decor item, a brushstroke painting the story of you.

At Fabcuro, this sentiment is understood. Unearth flawless decor, embracing luxury and history alike. Dive into diverse categories, seize exclusive daily deals, and be at the forefront of style evolution. With filters tailored to your taste, every piece harmonizes with your vision.

For home is beyond the physical, and decor is more than aesthetics, it’s the language of your heart.

Why Buy Home Decor Items with Us?

We will help you curate your home decor items that define you. For instance, if you recently bought an apartment but miss your parents and your previous home, our services can assist you in creating a space that truly belongs to you.

Your Personal Taste:
Your home is your space; naturally, it should reflect your personal touch. Purchasing home décor items that define your style is a simple and intelligent way to infuse a personal essence into your living space. You can select décor items that align with your unique tastes.

Your home should be a place that appeals not only to you but also to anyone who enters it. Our collection of home decor items offers a range of unique and stylish options, whether you’re seeking luxury or antique home decor, all designed to enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal naturally.

Radiate positive vibes: 
Home is a place where you should experience peace and comfort. Home décor items play a pivotal role in fostering a positive environment within your home. Items such as mandirs, natural plants, scented candles, and more can contribute to this atmosphere.

Our Offerings:
Home Decor Items Online and In-store

Fabcuro, provides an extensive range of home decor items online and in-house to choose from. Whether it’s decorating your study table, enhancing your kitchen, or adding flair to your bedroom, living room, kids’ room, or bathroom, you can select products that will seamlessly blend with your home. Explore our selection of home decor items at Home Decor Indiranagar, offering exclusives for you to shop and curate.

Pooja Room Decoration Items

Enlighten your sacred space with our exquisite collection of Pooja room decoration items online and in-store. From elegant brass decorative items to enchanting Ganesh Puja decorations, we offer everything you need to create a divine ambiance at home. Discover the perfect additions for Diwali celebrations, and enrich your Puja room’s aesthetics with our thoughtfully curated selection of Diwali decoration items. Embrace the serenity of tradition and spirituality with our Puja room decoration items available online and in-store.

Decorative Vases

Vases are a ubiquitous and cherished home decor element, especially when it comes to enhancing the aesthetics of your living room. In fact, they are an indispensable part of both residential and office spaces. These elegant pieces effortlessly capture attention and elevate your interior decor. Explore our selection of decorative vases for the living room and home decor vases to find the perfect pieces to adorn your space.

Figurines for Home Decor 

Our collection of home decor statues includes exquisite options like elephant statues for home decor and large statues that make a statement. Discover these decorative figurines and elevate your interior decor with their timeless charm. Explore our selection today and find the perfect decorative statues to complement your home.

Photo Frames 

Our photo frames selection features exquisite options like the gold mirror frame, perfect for adding a touch of elegance to your home decor. Explore our range of home decor frames, including the stunning gold decorative mirror frames, to showcase your cherished moments in style.

Wall decor

  • Wall art decor

Explore our curated collection of wall art decor, featuring a diverse range of options such as wooden wall art, captivating Islamic wall art, vibrant wall art paintings, and stylish wall art mirrors. Infuse your space with creativity and elegance, and discover the perfect pieces to enhance your home’s ambiance.

  • Home Decor Mirrors

Our home decor mirror collection includes exquisite options like round mirror wall decor and designer mirrors for your living room. Discover a wide array of stylish wall decor mirrors, antique mirror pieces, and elegant rectangular mirrors to elevate your interior design. Explore our selection and find the perfect mirrors to add a touch of sophistication to your home.

Kitchen decor items

Discover our curated selection of kitchen decor items, including kitchen decor accessories and complete kitchen decor sets. Elevate the ambiance of your kitchen with these stylish additions, which also include decorative items for kitchen shelves. Explore our range to find the perfect accents for your 

Choosing The Perfect Home Decor Items

Fabcuro offers an extensive collection of home decor items, ensuring there’s something for every home. With numerous options to choose from, selecting the right products can be a breeze by keeping these pointers in mind:

Decor Placement:

Consider where you’d like to place your home decor. Ensure you have ample space and good lighting for your chosen home decor items to stand out seamlessly.

Significance Matters:

Focus on items that hold personal significance or tell a story. Whether it’s a cherished photo frame or a sentimental religious idol, meaningful home decor adds a special touch.

Complement or Contrast:

Explore home decor items that either complement your existing interior theme or provide a striking contrast. Both options add aesthetic value to your home.

Budget-Friendly Choices: 

Find home decor items within your budget. Fabcuro offers a wide price range, and you can use filters to customize your search. 

Elevate your living spaces with Fabcuro’s diverse range of home decor items, where quality and style meet affordability.

Maintaining Your Home Decor Items

To ensure your treasured home decor items retain their allure, it’s crucial to provide them with proper care. Place them on sturdy surfaces with ample space to prevent accidental falls and damage.

Regular cleaning is essential to prevent dust buildup on your home decor items. Explore our range of furniture care products at Fabcuro designed to help you maintain and revitalize your cherished home decor items. Discover these essential tools for preserving the beauty of your home decor items today and visit us  at home decor store in Indiranagar. 


At Fabcuro, our online store offers an extensive range of home decor items to elevate your living spaces. Shop from diverse selection of luxury home decor accessories and decorative items that cater to various styles.

Absolutely! Fabcuro’s online platform showcases a wide array of home decor items, including options for luxury home decor accessories. Explore the collection and shop your choices with ease.

Fabcuro’s house decor items stand out due to their uniqueness and variety. Our collection encompasses different styles and preferences, ensuring there’s something distinctive for everyone to shop.

Our curated collection features an extensive range of decoration items that cater to diverse tastes. From contemporary trends to timeless classics, Fabcuro offers a plethora of options to suit your preferences.
Exploring luxury home decor accessories on Fabcuro is a breeze. Navigate to our dedicated section to discover a curated selection that adds sophistication and charm to your home.

Certainly. Fabcuro’s online collection is thoughtfully curated to reflect the latest trends in home decor. Explore contemporary options that seamlessly align with current design aesthetics.  Additionally, you can visit our home decor shop in Indiranagar in person to experience the touch and feel of the products.

Browse through the range to find pieces that resonate with your unique taste. You can visit and shop at our Home Decor Shop in Indiranagar, and our team will be more than happy to assist and suggest items tailored to your preferences.

Fabcuro takes pride in regularly refreshing its inventory to offer new and exciting choices. Our collection is consistently updated to provide you with fresh inspiration for transforming your living spaces.

Absolutely! Fabcuro’s dedicated team is here to assist you in finding the perfect pieces that align with your preferences. Whether you’re looking for luxury home decor accessories or specific house decoration items, we’re here to guide you.

Certainly. Fabcuro invites you to visit our home decor store to experience our collection firsthand. Explore a diverse range of home decor items, including decorative accessories and luxurious options, that will add flair to your living spaces.

Our home decor shop is on 100 Feet Rd, opposite Stanley, in Indiranagar, Bengaluru.

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